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What is tooth extraction?

The procedure that constitutes tooth extraction involves a dental professional removing at least one tooth. This time that is taken to remove the teeth depends on how many require extraction;it may require a number of appointments. The tooth extraction procedure may have two main outcomes, which are dependent on the reason that the tooth was removed. These outcome may be the replacement of the tooth or alternatively, not replacing it.

Why may a tooth need to be extracted?

There are numerous possibilities that may lead to the need for tooth extraction. Usually, the reasoning behind undergoing the process include if your tooth is too badly damaged to repair with a crown or other procedure, if you suffer from widespread gum disease, which can result in loose teeth or if your mouth is too crowded with milk teeth inhibiting the protrusion of adult teeth, which may lead to overcrowding and crookedness.

Another factor that can subsequently lead to teeth needing to be removed can be to accommodate dental braces. This can be because space needs to be made to allow for tooth movement to straighten the teeth when the brace is applied.

A reason behind tooth extraction that is extremely common in adolescents and young adults is the presence of wisdom teeth. These teeth can cause pain and/or overcrowding so are often removed either before that protrude through the gum or just after. It is not rare to see wisdom teeth becoming lodged in the gum and failing to erupt. This can cause pain and the wisdom tooth may decay so it is necessary for them to be extracted.

At Brighton Dental Clinic we are privileged to work with a very experienced dental surgeon Dr Dimitrios Soultos who performs complicated and difficult surgical extractions. Dimitris has removed over a 1000 wisdom teeth in his career and his practice at Brighton Dental Clinic is limited to minor oral surgery.

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The whole team are wonderful.

“I have been coming to Brighton Dental Clinic to see Dr Lynsey Crothers for a number of years. I have always found her to be calm, kind, patient, thorough and truthful. I recently had some restorative/cosmetic work and I am over the moon with it and people have commented on my teeth/smile. She is a perfectionist and very skilled - I can't believe the difference. I would 100% recommend. The whole team are wonderful.”

Rebecca Santos

25 January 2023

Amazing team, very professional!

“There are absolutely no words to describe how amazingly thankful I am to everyone at the Brighton Dental Clinic. Thank you, Dr Ilias and Dr Lynsey, for all the support and help I have received over the last few weeks. I definitely recommend the clinic.”

Mihaela Popa

16 August 2022

Simply The Best

“I have been attending this clinic since the 80's. I suffer (or did) from dentophobia. I'm more or less coming to the end of my treatment as I'm now everyone's 'gum chum' (big full denture smile) and it's given me cause to reflect on the treatment I've had over the decades mainly Feroz Jafferji in the early days and latterly Mick Fillery. Not only the dental treatment but for me the tailormade treatment considering my fear and also physical problems which all needed to be catered for before treatment even started. I felt soothed on a psychological level but a physical one too and the gentle reassuring and expert treatment then given has been second to none and if I had all my teeth again (my fault they all had to go over the years to the tooth fairy due to my neglect) I wouldn't hesitate in seeing Mick and if I knew then what I know now I would never have had a fear of going. Thanks too to all the nurses and receptionists always so helpful pleasant and kind. I guess when my treatment, for a probably final denture, is complete, I will leave with a designer smile of relief but a little cavity in my heart that can never be expertly filled.”

Shelley Phoenix

20 April 2022

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