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Brighton Dental Clinic

Cross Infection Control

Our dental team are all very aware of the need for scrupulous cross infection control and sterilisation, and the following protocols are stringently followed:

  • Masks and gloves are worn at all times when treating patients.
  • New gloves are worn for each patient.
  • Operators' hands are washed with a disinfectant wash between patients.
  • All work surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant wipes after each patient.
  • All instruments are stored in cassettes and passed through a cleaning and sterilisation procedure in the cassette. To do this we use the latest technology steam autoclave for sterilisation. The autoclaves work at 134°C and have been shown to kill all bacteria, viruses and spores.
  • The hand-pieces (drills) are all autoclaved after every use.
  • The autoclaves themselves are serviced and checked regularly.
  • Endodontic files are used for a single root canal treatment of a patient and then are disposed.

We regularly review our cross infection measures and ensure we meet the government standards HTM01-05.